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Descemer Bueno (Nov 2013)

Vedado Social Club is presenting a relaxed acoustic presentation by Descemer Bueno in our beloved terrace.

Descemer was born in Havana, Cuba in 1971. He began his music calling by studying classical guitar at Manuel Samuel School of the Arts and Amadeo Roldan School of the Arts, graduating and getting his degree to be a professor in guitar and concertista. For the duration of 1991 until 1999, Descemer worked in the National Center of Music of Concerts in Havana. All through his professional career in Cuba he was a member of several groups such as Estado de Animo in which he played, composed and acted as musical director. His musical collaborations extended into other groups such as Santiago Feliu, Columna B, and Fula. In July 2000, Descemer had the chance to go and do his Artistic Residency, which included not only taking but presenting lectures for the Stanford Jazz Workshop, at Stanford University, in California. This led him to become a part of the faculty at the University of South Africa, in Cape Town, interpreting the mechanics of Cuban music. Proceeding to New York in 1999, he formed the band Yerba Buena, along with other recently arrived musicians. Yerba Buena gained critical acclaim and respect from music taste makers in the US and Europe with the fresh recordings presented in their record President Alien. The cutting edge sounds they performed were influenced by AfroCuban, Jazz, Afrobeat, Hip-Hop, Soul, Boogaloo, and Mambo beats. Yerba Buenas sleeper hit Guajira flooded the market through movies and commercials like Dirty Dancing 2 Havana Nights, Honey Cheaper by the Dozen and a Nation-wide Pepsi TV campaign. In 2004, Descemer Bueno showcased his extraordinary talent again, formally through the group Siete Rayo, becoming their producer, front man, composer and bass player. Siete Rayos sound filled New Yorks hottest clubs with the genuine feel of Cumbia, Reggae, Calypso, and Hip-Hop fusion. Although they did not release a studio album, several songs made it on Cuban Hip Hop compilations, as well as receiving radio play in top markets such as NY, Miami, and Los Angeles. Descemer Buenos artistry was recognized even before signing with Universal Music Latino. He has worked with great artist such as Steve Coleman, , Billy Higgins, Tooty Heath, Rufus Reid, Anjelique Kidjo, Dave Matthews Band, and Yusa (during their European tour in 2003). He has played all over the world in places such as Spain, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, Zimbabwe, France, Mexico, Cuba, and the United States. Descemer Buenos solo album was released on October 4 of this year On this production, he has continued to collaborate with revered musicians such as Earth, Wind and Fire, George Pajon, Jr., songwriter and arranger for the Black Eyed Peas and Orishas.



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