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Raúl Paz learned to sing listening to guajira – country music made in Cuba. He spent ten years studying music at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), a renowned arts academy in Havana : violin, musical theory, wind instruments, singing, counterpoint, and conducting.
After his very classical training, he discovered Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley, tuning into American radio stations – rock being banned on government radio stations at that time.





Singer-songwriter, DIANA FUENTES , is a leader within the flourishing generation of performers and musicians under the flag of new Cuban music (CUBA NU-WAVE).

As a result, the songstress positioned herself in the music industry with the release of her second album, Planeta Planetario (Planet Planetarium). This project was a joint artistic collaboration with renowned Puerto Rican musician and producer, Eduardo Cabra (Visitante), member of the critically acclaimed band Calle 13. The esteemed producer, who is responsible for Calle 13’s distinctive sound, gave life to Diana’s artistic and past experiences through the rhythms they created; thus, building a remarkably unique planet.


Cucu Diamantes (Amor Cronico Indiegogo Campaign)


Two anniversary and a thousand emotions. Performing live:
VANITO BROWN and more…

Nestor G del Prado- (BASS)
Heriberto Rey – (GUITAR)
Eduardo – (DRUMS)
Michelle Fragoso – (PIANO)

“Vedado Social Club Band” estara interpretando en vivo lo mejor de la musica
contemporanea alternativa de cuba : Habana Abierta, Descemer Bueno,
David Torrens, Kelvis Ochoa, Carlos Varela.

Primero debemos agradecer cada dia por conectarnos con gente linda, con buen gusto y talento para crear, hacer reir y hasta cantar.
Gracias a Alicita, Geo, Meme, Sunny, Kotarelo, Isadora, Descemer Bueno, Kelvis Ochoa, X Alfonso, David Torrens, Xiomara Laugart, Los Papines, Michelle Fragoso, El Gola, Horacio el Negro, Philberth Almenteros, Nestor del Prado entre otros que son parte de la esencia de Vedado Social Club.
Gracias a Cadavieco, Xavier, Jojo y al Gabo que han creado semana a semana la imagen de cada evento.
Gracias a Cesare por ser tan buen partner, a Randall Gortazar, a JJ Productions por el amor que le pone a cada uno de los eventos en conjunto realizados.
No puede faltar Alicita que nos mantuvo bien bonito el crowd con su sentido comun y buen filtro! tambien a los nuevos en el equipo como Sunny, Kotarelo y Jane.
Aun nos quedan mas por felicitar en nuestro primer cumpleanos!



Vedado Social Club has created its own version of live musical events, Populares Superfinos, integrating the best pop, trova, and traditional Cuban music bands in the same concept. It is based on a public that for being selected, has not compromised its identity of “popular”. We are naming this series after the derivative label of the memorable Cuban brand Populares, based on a high-quality selection of the regular cigarettes that, how its name clearly says, has been the most popular brand among Cubans for more than half a century.

For a memorable Populares Superfinos Event Premiere,Vedado Social Club brought Luis Bofill to perform at The News Lounge (5580 NE 4th Ct. Miami, FL 33137) on August 17th, 2012. This was only the beginning of a innovative series of events with live music performances.








El Brete is the name that Vedado Social Club has mischievously given to a series of events about music, fashion, and visual arts at The News Lounge (5580 NE 4th Ct. Miami, FL 33137).

The hispanic word brete has a long and interesting history. More than once, we could have said we have been involved in a brete because everyone passes through some difficulties in life, and simply that is the meaning of brete, such an ancient and colloquial word.

The original meaning of brete was more adverse than what we know now. Covarrubias stated in hisTesoro de la Lengua Castellana (1961) that brete was the name of an instrument made of wood, used to torture the damns. However, the word was also used to name any instrument made of steel or wood to immobilize the prisoners when they were tortured in public or in the prisons. Besides, medieval writers used the word to name hunting tramps to catch animals in the woods.

In any case, what we should never forget is that, even though our issues can seem unsolvable, they surely are not so tough as the ones they had when they were put in a brete some centuries ago.






Vedado Social Club brings dear Richard Gonzalez, Interpreter of the Soul, for nights full of spirituality, music, and visual arts at The News Lounge.

Richard Gonzalez, also known as El Doctor del Alma, has gained the title of Interpreter of the Soul after more than 20 years of dedication serving the ones needing support. Richard Gonzalez motivates his public every night through his radial program “Linea del Alma”, broadcasted on WQBA 1140 AM; also, last year, he rejoined Amor 107.5 FM, to help his listeners to overcome different critical situations and move on. Besides, he is known for giving motivating seminars, and participating in TV channels such as CNN en Espanol, and TV shows such as “Casos de Familia”.








Feel the soul and the energy of Cuban melodies, along with the celebrated Cuban musician Raul Paz who brings together his well-known fellows and friends Descemer Bueno, Kelvis Ochoa and David Torrens for a series of memorable concerts that starts in Havana, Cuba. All of them had left Cuba for a long time, but when they came back the musical environment in the island was injected with a new fresh spirit. Mirroring Cuba’s growing relationship with the world, Havana, Havana! highlights the evolution of the country’s musical expression in the 21st century


Gabriel Davalos (Cuban, b. 1976) is a Havana–based photographer, producer, and journalist. In his exhibition “Soy Lo Que Ves”(“I Am What You See”), Davalos astonishingly combines the art of dancing, mostly ballet, with inspiring views of Havana City, creating a romantic ensemble that is touching for any viewer.
The exhibit will take place from July 20th to August 3rd at The News Lounge (5580 NE 4th Court Miami, FL), and it will be brought to the public by Blue Night Entertainment and Vedado Social Club. The Opening Cocktail is on Friday, July 20th at 6:00pm.

“If you say that I ever lost my mind for a dancer, you say wrong; I fell in love with all the dancers.”

(epitaph for a photographer)





Lazaro Casanova is a full time groove-making producer, DJ, &amp; label owner. A brooklyn art school drop-out who was always deeply immersed in music one way or the other.<br />Sailing from Miami, FL he has anchored himself to innovate and push forward thinking music while heavily borrowing that rare good feeling from the classic house days.<br />Proven time traveler, skilled astronaut, and professional Cuban, expect to hear an eclectic array of sounds spanning from anywhere and everywhere.<br />In 2004 being a weekly resident at the infamous 7-year old Revolver party in Miami, Casanova caught his first glimpse of the touring life. He was recruited by electro masters MSTRKRFT to join them on tour with The Juan Maclean (DFA) across the country of Canada. Casanova continued to impress his new audiences, in turn focosuing the spotlight onto himself. He was now a house-hold name within the younger generation and would start headlining his own shows shortly after.<br />In 2008 seeking a platform to develop his unique sound Lazaro Casanova launched his own record label, petFood. Initially a concept label as a creative outlet for Casanova to quickly release music to his fans. petFood, quickly grew in momentum and is now signing artists across the globe being highly regarded as a cutting-edge standard in up &amp; coming house music in the Americas.<br />Still we have barely scratched the surface of Lazaro Casanovas raw talent. Fast forward to present time, Casanova has established himself as a global touring DJ in rising demand. Initially touted as an underground dj his irrestible constant grooves working away throughout seemingly endless nights have defied the underground constraint and catapulted him into bigger night clubs around the world. He has held residencies in Lima (Peru), Monterrey (Mexico), El Paso (Texas), Juarez (Mexico), Washington DC &amp; Miami (Florida). Showing a very note-worthy talent proven to work more than just once, Casanova is no fluke. He brings House music with a truly unique twist into his Dj sets. Ranging from deeper groovy sounds to jackin afrocuban rhythmic patterns he is able to firmly direct crowds in both smaller &amp; bigger rooms with unmatched sucessful results.<br />But yet we still havent gotten down to the actual core of Lazaro Casanova talent. As a producer recently coming into his own Casanova established himself as a trusted source of great music in 2010. Having an amazing creative workflow of an average output of a track a week, he continues to outperform himself in the studio. Gathering fans not only on the dancefloor but in the industry itself. With notable constant support from the likes of Oscar G, Nic Fanciulli, Seth Troxler, Matt Tolfrey, Lee Curtis, Dj Three, X-Press 2, Radio Slave, Adultnapper (among countless others) Casanova has proven his musical range to reach all crevices of dance music. Casanova since then has been welcomed into a broad range of record labels spanning from Nervous Records to Leftroom records. Also sparking remix requests from all ends of the music spectrum. With Lazaro Casanova there is no such thing as underground or mainstream there is only good house music in its rawest and purest form.


Once a month, Vedado Social Club, along with Randall Gortazar, dedicates a Friday night to the enjoyment of art and culture. Artworks by world-wide recognized Cuban artists such as Jose Mijares, Servando Cabrera, Amelia Pelaez,and Rene Portocarrero, combined with Contemporary Cuban artists, are exposed during a whole month at The News Lounge. Also, there is space for cinema, projections of acclaimed Cuban or international films take place during these nights. Through art performances, music, and fashion, creating the perfect environment for an art lover is the purpose of SanARTe.


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